WSTS Chairman

Mr. Gabriel Chou , Macronix Intl. Co., serves as WSTS Chairman since May 2017.

WSTS Administrator

Bernd Schniggenfittig is Administrator of WSTS. He works from his office in Germany.


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WSTS User Accounts in Your Company

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Semiconductor Industry Associations

Semiconductor Industry Associations in the different regions closely cooperate with WSTS. In most cases they also hold distribution licenses for WSTS market statistic reports and forecasts to serve interested parties outside the WSTS membership with their information needs.

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)

European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA)

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industry Association (JEITA)

Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA)

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA)

Subscription to WSTS Market Statistics

The above semiconductor industry associations are licensed distributors for WSTS statistic reports within their territories. See the home page of the respective organization or a guideline for obtaining subscriptions within the WSTS Internet Portal .

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