WSTS Chairman

Mr. Gabriel Chou , Macronix Intl. Co., serves as WSTS Chairman since May 2017.

WSTS Administrator

Bernd Schniggenfittig is Administrator of WSTS. He works from his office in Germany.


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The Board of Directors supervises the operation of the WSTS and the Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman and the four Regional Vice Chairpersons directs the WSTS programs and services.

Board of Directors

Name Company Region
Katherine Blye Allegro Microsystems Americas
Ken Dalle-Molle Xilinx Americas
Kevin Hawkins Texas Instruments Americas
Kathy Ta Maxim Integrated Prod. Americas
Rene Kautschitsch ams AG Europe
Elise Lafond STMicroelectronics Europe
Vincent Carrot NXP Europe
Kenshiro Chikamori Rohm Co. Japan
Hirotaka Kusama Renesas Electronics Japan
Yutaka Yoshida Fuji Electric Japan
Akemi Takigawa Toshiba Japan
Gabriel Chou Macronix Int. Co. Asia Pacific
TBA   Asia Pacific

Executive Committee

Name Company Function
Gabriel Chou Macronix Int., Co. World Chair
Kathy Ta Maxim Integrated Prod. Vice Chair Americas
Elise Lafond ST Microelectronics Vice Chair Europe
Akemi Takigawa .Toshiba Vice Chair Japan
Gabriel Chou Macronix Int., Co. Vice Chair Asia Pacific
Bernd Schniggenfittig WSTS Administrator
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